O-Town: Where Are They Now?
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O-Town: Where Are They Now?

The aptly-named Ashley Parker Angel, angel of O-Town, turns 32 today, so we couldn’t resist peeking into what the inaugural Making of the Band winners are up to!

It was the year 2000, and the perpetually-sketchy-looking boy band mogul Lou Pearlman was in charge of MtB. Lou’s in federal prison now, working off up to 25 years for an investor fraud scheme. But his protegees are doing so, so much better than that!

In 2011, O-Town reunited sans Ashley, because he had better things to do, or something. How unfortunate! But a gal can dream about a true reunion, right?

In addition to Dreamboat Ashley, O-Town’s members include Jacob Underwood, Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, and Dan Miller. Let’s take a look-see at what they’re up to, shall we?

Erik-Michael Estrada

O-Town: Where Are They Now?
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Erik has thrown himself into the film industry, both behind and in front of the camera. Coming up next, he’s about to star in the indie action comedy The Bang Bang Brokers!

Now 33, Erik also has some pet charitable causes, including the Terra Mar “I Heart Ocean” campaign.

Trevor Penick

O-Town: Where Are They Now?
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Trevor Penick, 33, is a fun dude! He hosts a monthly karaoke night in LA, and he still occasionally sings in a creative project.

Oh, and he loves the Lakers. Like, a lot.

Erik and Trevor are still friends!

See a brief cameo from both these boys in this Taylor Swift parody video! They poke their heads in around 1:29.

Jacob Underwood

O-Town: Where Are They Now?
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Jacob, 33, loves Jesus, and his mom too.

He also did away with those gross dreads, which is A+.

Dan Miller

O-Town: Where Are They Now?
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Underrated cutie Dan, 32, appears to have been thriving in behind-the-scenes roles. According to his Twitter, he’s still writing songs, as well as being a producer.

Oh, and he loves LeBron James, and hates orange juice. And he’s funny!

Ashley Parker Angel

O-Town: Where Are They Now?
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32-year-old Ashley stands out in a couple of ways: he’s the only O-Town member with his own Wikipedia page (so far), and he’s the only one to snub the reunion. Which sucks, because he was positioned as kind of the lead heartthrob of the group.

"O-Town was one of the greatest chapters of my life, so when the idea of a reunion was brought to me, of course I was intrigued," Ashley told TMZ in 2011 when the other members announced their reunion. "However I have made the decision not to be a part of an O-Town reunion. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately necessary to move on with the next chapter of my career."


Ashley’s current band is Mansions of Arcadia, in case you’re craving some sweet Ashley Angel crooning.

Now there are even junior O-Towns!

O-Town: Where Are They Now?
Credit: @JacobUnderwood7; @ParkerAngel    

Jacob is the most enthusiastic uncle ever, and Ashley spawned a mini-angel.

Boy bands: They grow up so fast!

O-Town: Where Are They Now?
Credit: @JacobUnderwood7; Ashley_Parker_Angel on Instagram    

Four fifths of O-Town took this reunion photo back on Jacob's birthday in 2011! We know Ashley doesn't want to go to the studio with these guys, but we're sad he didn't join the birthday club. Regardless, we added Ashley back in, because why not?

On a scale of "ok" to "HAVE MY BABIES," how much did you love O-Town? It's okay! You can tell us!

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