Obamas Welcome a New Dog, Sunny, But the Internet Isn’t Happy About it (VIDEO)
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Obamas Welcome a New Dog, Sunny, But the Internet Isn’t Happy About it (VIDEO)

Bo has been a fantastic dog for the Obamas ever since they adopted him just after the president won the 2008 election. Five years later, Bo was ready for a more permanent playmate, so the White House website announced on Monday that they had adopted another Portuguese Water Dog named Sunny to add to their family.

Some on the internet might be even more excited than the family about the new addition! “Look at them frolicking,” exclaimed one commenter. “Welcome to the White House, Sunny. As a little sister myself, I'm totally on your side if you and Bo get into fights.”

However, we were surprised to see an overwhelming backlash directed at the Obamas during such a happy time. Most seem to be upset that the news isn’t “news” at all, complaining about the coverage in general with a whopping “Who cares?” Others become far more intense, saying things like, “I'm so happy we'll be funding private transportation and staff for this one too,” and “Obama's neglecting America, good to know he can at least handle dogs. His kids probably do it, though.”

Still others are offended at the idea of the family purchasing another dog, rather than adopting one. Reading the original blog post on the White House website, it says that Sunny was born in May of 2012, which means she wasn’t necessarily born and shipped straight to the Obamas as a puppy. We are inclined to think that she was an unwanted dog and the Obamas picked her up once she was returned, which would make her an adoption, although that’s still not confirmed.

The family has to be extra careful because their eldest daughter, Malia, is actually allergic to animals, and the Portuguese Water Dog breed is hypoallergenic. They have probably been waiting a while to be able to have another dog like Bo for their daughter, so we are happy that the family was able to find another dog and that the two get along so well!

How do you feel about the Obama’s new dog? Leave your thoughts below!

08.20.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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