Oberyn Martell’s Four Best Scenes: In Remembrance
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Game of Thrones

Oberyn Martell’s Four Best Scenes: In Remembrance

Oh, Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal), we hardly knew ye. The Red Viper of Dorne was with us on Game of Thrones for less than a season, but he quickly established himself as one of our favorite characters (we should know better by now not to get attached). In memoriam, here are our favorite Oberyn scenes.

His introduction. We can’t think of a better way to introduce the badass from Dorne than to show him engaging in a bisexual foursome and stopping only to stab a Lannister soldier. It was love at first sight.

His judging ability. If Oberyn became the judge on a daytime courtroom reality show, we would quit our jobs and watch it every day. Oberyn was easily the best judge during Tyrion’s trial, seeming to be the only one who recognized it for the farce that it was and asking decidedly unimportant questions, like having Shae clarify if she did indeed f— Tyrion like it was his last day on earth. Oh Oberyn, you snarky judge you!

His jail cell scene. This scene made us tear up a little, we’re not gonna lie. Oberyn’s story of the first time he met Tyrion, when Cersei had built him up to be a monster but all Oberyn saw was a baby, was one of the most powerful monologues the show has ever done. The interplay between him and Tyrion was tremendous, and when Oberyn declared he would be Tyrion’s champion we were through the roof with excitement.

His fight. Even though it ended it the worst way possible (literally, the worst), the rest of the fight was amazing. Oberyn’s cockiness, his insane fighting ability, and his memorable mantra, added up to the most thrilling performance in a battle we’ve ever seen on the show. Yeah, we wish he would’ve have won, but still, what a ride it was.

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