The O.C. Hunk-Off: Ryan Atwood or Seth Cohen? (POLL)
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The O.C. Hunk-Off: Ryan Atwood or Seth Cohen? (POLL)

Get ready, because this is perhaps the most important question anyone will ever ask you. You ready? Good. Because you're going to have to weigh in about your dream boyfriend. Is it bad boy with a heart of gold Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie), or the cutest dork on the planet, Seth Cohen (Adam Brody)?

Seth has a little bit of a head start because he played essentially the same character as Lane's bandmate and primary love interest on Gilmore Girls, but Ryan is like messy girl Kryptonite for how he handled Marissa Cooper's many crises.

The heart doesn't go by logic, but to some extent, this decision is about what you need in your ultimate boyfriend. Seth and Summer Roberts will always have Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle, their plastic horse and pony BFFship, whereas Ryan and Marissa will always have Ryan cradling Marissa and carrying her out of potentially/actually fatal situations.

But at the heart of it all, it comes down to the age-old Ginger vs. Mary Ann question, only with dudes. Shawn Hunter or Cory Matthews? Dylan McKay or Brandon Walsh?

They're all tough decisions. But for purposes of this poll, you have to make one.

Only Seth can give me a Spider-Man kiss.

OMG, Ryan, obviously.

08.20.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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