Courageous and charismatic, Ben Keeton is the founder of La Clinica Cruz del Sur. Here are our favorite Ben Keeton quotes from Off the Map Episode 1: "Saved by the Great White Hope."


5. Ben (to staff): When you’ve got a guy bitten by a ten foot crocodile, you get the teeth out. Worry about infection later!

4. Ben (to staff): Forget what you saw at residency.  Practicing tropical medicine in a third-world country is a different game. Here, it’s 1952.

3. Ben (to Lily): The water from green coconuts has the same electrolytes as blood plasma.  They used it in World War II when they ran out of fluids.

2. Ben (to Lily): Here you are a surgeon. Here you’re a surgeon, you’re a paramedic, you’re search and rescue. I need you to run labs to the city, you’re a mailman. You’re anything I need you to be.

1. Ben (to Lily): You ever seen the Southern Cross?  Right there, those five stars. They say Magellan used it to find true south whenever he got lost. They gave him the strength to keep going.