Kim Kardashian Officially Becoming Mrs. West With New Passport (VIDEO)
Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram    

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Officially Becoming Mrs. West With New Passport (VIDEO)

Everybody say, “Heeeey, Ms. West!” Kim Kardashian is officially changing her name to Kim Kardashian West, and it doesn’t get more official than a brand new passport!

Kim shared a copy of her new passport pic on Instagram with the hashtags “#Mrs.West and #NameChange, making it clear her new AKA isn’t just her handle on social media. It’s also a pretty subtly way of thumbing her nose at all the rumors that the honeymoon is far from over for the Wests.

The timing is a little coincidental to us since Kimye’s union officially passed the 72-day mark yesterday, August 3. That means they’ve now been married longer than Kim was to Kris Humphries before filing for legal separation. We guess maybe this time is forever!

Mrs. West definitely looks more glamorous in this pic than we do in even our most carefully crafted selfies. Dressed in the outfit she wore for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, her hair is sleek and her makeup flawless (as usual)

However, even Kim Kardashian wasn’t able to avoid the two kisses of death for every passport pic: that dingy-white background and the straight-faced, deer-in-headlights expression the U.S. Department of State seems to have insisted we all must adopt for our official ID. Sorry, Kim, no duckface allowed!

Source: Kim Kardashian on Instagram