Ashley Benson Officially Headed to Ravenswood! When Will She Show Up?
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Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson Officially Headed to Ravenswood! When Will She Show Up?

The countdown is on for the October 22 episode of Pretty Little Liars, when Caleb will be leaving us (all the tears) for his new home on Ravenswood. And while we spent some time speculating how the Liars could go hang on the New Orleans set — and show up in the episodes, natch — Ashley Benson has now been confirmed for a guest spot on the spin-off.

So, what will she be doing? Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like a lot. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive report that Hanna will show up in Ravenswood, but in one scene. So, before you get your Haleb tingles, ease up. Word is in Episode 5 of Ravenswood, Caleb will be shown talking on the phone with Hanna — who will also get a little face time on camera.

Um, is anyone else super unsatisfied by this? Yeah, we see your hands raised, and ours are right there with you. What will they be talking about, and why will the convo come so late in the season? We’d assume that a couple that has been through so much so recently would be on the phone constantly, and it’s not like Benzo would have to leave her own PLL set to film the scenes. With the same production folks in the mix, they could have a billion scenes of her on the phone with Caleb — and it still wouldn’t be enough.

We don’t want Hanna to leave PLL, of course, but we don’t want Haleb to end either. The good thing about this report? At least until Episode 5, Caleb and Hanna will still be close enough for a phone chat. However, even though we’re not satisfied by any means with that amount of crossover, it’s possible there’s more where that came from.

In May, Ashley told Wetpaint Entertainment that she would be going to Ravenswood “once.” So, was she talking about the Season 4 summer finale, when the whole crew headed there and saw “A”’s lair? The Halloween episode when they go back for the Founder’s Day Celebration? Or, could she have been referring to another time when Hanna heads to the sepia-toned town? So many questions...

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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