“Oh, For the Love of Kanye”: Top 12 Quotes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 7, Episode 13
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The Kardashians

“Oh, For the Love of Kanye”: Top 12 Quotes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 7, Episode 13

This week’s installment of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was all about making decisions. Bruce made the decision to visit a sleep clinic, Kourtney decided whether a water birth was in her future, and Kris decided it’s time for her to give her mom M.J. some attention.

Here are our favorite 12 quotes from Season 7, Episode 13.

Gold Medalist in Sleep-Punching
Kris (about Bruce): It’s like I’m sleeping with a prize fighter!

Scaling Back
Scott (to Mason on Kourtney drying clothes outside): Mommy thinks we should live like people in Oklahoma... or Minnesota.

Slapper’s Remorse
Bruce (to his son Brandon about Kris): We've been working really hard on our relationship, everything's going good. I don't want to be waking her up at night, screwing the whole thing up.

Guilt Trip
Khloe (to Kris): Mom, it's your mom. Do you know how you would give me so much crap if I didn't come and see you?

There Is No Try, Only Do
Kourtney (to Kris on changing her schedule to visit M.J.): You can rearrange so don’t try and see. Make it happen honey.

Kourtney (about home delivery procedure): If I was like ‘I need you to stimulate my breasts to get my labor going’…
Scott: This is freaking me out. I wish we had a panic room in the house. I'd go sit in it.

Gentle Reminder
Khloe (to Kourtney on choosing a home delivery): You were numb from the waist down. Last time your vagina was ice cold, you don't remember anything.

Getting Real
Kris: Seeing Mason running around my mom’s house reminded me of many years ago… I think living in L.A. lets me put my head in the sand and not deal with the reality of my mom not being a hundred percent.

Wired Up and Winding Down
Bruce (to sleep clinic specialist): If I like wet the bed will I electrocute myself or something?

That’s a New One
Kris (to Bruce): Oh, for the love of Kanye.

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