“Oh My God, I’m a Different Race!” and Other Quotes From Jersey Shore, Season 3, Episode 11
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Jersey Shore

“Oh My God, I’m a Different Race!” and Other Quotes From Jersey Shore, Season 3, Episode 11

Pauly done learned geography! We learned a new meaning of GTL! Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 11 (March 10, 2011) was chock full of oratory gems — so put on a clean T-shirt, slap on some baby oil, and check out our personal faves.

10) Vinny: "Oh my god, I'm a different race!"
We're not sure if Oompa Loomas count as a separate race, Vin.

9) Pauly: "I did not know Staten Island is an actual island, until we went over the bridge."
Pop Quiz, Pauly: You're home state of Rhode Island is an actual island — true or false?

8) Ron: "The only reason that you're doing dip from the girl you just slept with is 'cause you've got a girl in the car."
Spoken like a pro.

7) Snooki: "Whoever I have babies with, he's gotta be Italian because the last name needs to have a vowel in it. And I want my kids' last name to have a vowel in it. And be tan. Obviously."
We hope she registers for an infant tanning bed for her baby shower.

6) Pauly: "I love Vinny's family, they're like my own family: old-school Italian. It was like a guido circus."
It looked less like a circus and more like some kind of chicken parm binge-eating contest.

5) Pauly: "GTF! Gym. Tan. Find out who Sam is texting behind Ronnie's back."
His name is Arvin, and he looks like a exhibit from the Neanderthal section in the Museum of Natural History.

4) Sam (of Ron): "I think since being here, like, for the past week, I just see, like, a major difference."
Yes. In the hot second you were apart, your juiced-up, agro boyfriend with the IQ of a mosquito taught himself how to be normal, decent human being. Good observation, genius.

3) Pauly: "If this relationship continues I'll kill myself. There'll be no more DJ. I will kill myself if they're still together. I will kill myself."
You and me both, bro.

2) Vinny's Cousin Joe (to Pauly, obvs): "Hey, what is it with that haircut, man? Bride Frankenstein ain't got nothing on you."
Oooh, snap! Cousin Joe is officially our new favorite person ever.

1) Jenni: "It's the same s**t, different toilet for Ron and Sam."
How can something be so repulsive, yet so insightful and true?


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