OITNB’s Diane Guerrero on Kissing Flaca and What to Expect in Season 3 — Exclusive
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Orange is the New Black

OITNB’s Diane Guerrero on Kissing Flaca and What to Expect in Season 3 — Exclusive

Fresh off the release of Orange is the New Black’s Season 2 (which is now streaming), the hit Netflix series is all anyone can talk about. And for good reason! The show even picked up a few Critic’s Choice Awards on June 19 — including Best Comedy Series, Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Kate Mulgrew tied with Mom’s Allison Janney), and Best Guest Performer in a Comedy Series (Uzo Aduba). Can anyone say Emmy nominations?

Till then, Wetpaint Entertainment recently hit up the 2014 Urban Tech Gala in New York City, where we spoke with cast mate Diane Guerrero (who plays the smart-talking Maritza Ramos). Lucky for you, we got some juicy details on Season 2, her on-screen kiss with prison mate Flaca Gonzales (played by Jackie Cruz), and what to expect in the third season — which is already filming!

How different is Season 1 from Season 2?

In the first season, everyone was just being introduced and in the second season, you see more of the inner workings of prison. [Now], you really see how the roles change so quickly, and the different stages of power from each inmate. You [also] see more of a connection with the girls, and how they’re really living.

In terms of your character, Maritza, how would you like to see her grow in the series?

I’d like her to be more a part of the story and what’s going on. Right now, I help the story move forward, and I offer some nice relief to every situation [because] I’m silly. I feel like you're going to see a little bit more tenderness and more heartfelt stuff from Maritza. I’m excited for that.

There’s one scene where you get a little friendly with Flaca. What was that experience like?

[Laughs] Oh, we were both like, ‘OMG you’re going to eat a mint, you’re going to brush your teeth, because it’s going to be weird.’ [She] and I are actually really good friends, and when we got to do it, we were like, ‘OK this is weird, because I really like you as a friend and I’m not really like…”

But it was nice. We both really enjoyed how it came out because it showed our friendship was past that friend level, and more like, ‘Hey, we’re in here and we’re lonely and we’re trying to hold to each other, and we tried it, and it’s not for us.’

Can you share any Season 3 spoilers?

It’s going to continue on from Season 2. We’re just going to keep surprising, and bringing some real life nail-biting situations, really heartfelt situations, and lots of laughter.

Last question, Maritza manages to always have eyeliner on. Is that life imitating art?

I wear eyeliner normally, but I don’t wear it like Maritza though, I think that’s just a little too much. It’s the only thing she can wear, so we’re just holding on to the eyeliner, and being reckless with it and making it really edgy. That’s kind of our way of saying, ‘You know what, we woke up and we tried today. We don’t care if we’re in prison, we tried. We ain’t gonna be caught out there lookin’ ugly.’

Spoken just like Maritza!

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