OJ Simpson Officially Released From Prison After 9 Years Behind Bars


OJ Simpson Officially Released From Prison After 9 Years Behind Bars


OJ Simpson is officially a free man.

The former NFL star was released from prison in Nevada over the weekend after serving nine years behind bars for a kidnapping and armed robbery back in 2007.

The 70-year-old was sentenced to 33 years in prison, but was granted parole earlier this year.

To avoid a media circus, the father of five left prison just after midnight on Sunday, October 1.

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“I told him, ‘don’t ‘come back,’ and he responded, ‘I don’t intend to,’” Brooke Keast, a spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Corrections, told CNN.

“He was upbeat, personable and seemed happy to get on with his life.”

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The former athlete, who was acquitted in 1995 for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, was worried about the media following his release.

“Our biggest concern was our safety and the public’s safety and not wanting anybody, paparazzi, to follow him,” Brooke continued.

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“He left through a big blue door through the front gatehouse and exited quietly. He looked down because he didn’t want to be photographed.”

OJ was granted parole in July after a committee board voted for his early release.

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While in prison, the infamous star stayed out of trouble and also took anti-violence classes, which ultimately worked in his favor.

Though he’ll no longer be behind bars, the former Heisman Trophy winner will remain on parole until September 29, 2022.

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Due to his parole, he is not allowed to drink an excessive amount of alcohol or spend time with ex-convicts.

Now that he is out of jail, OJ hopes to spend time with his friends and family.

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“He wants to go to Florida, he wants to see his family and hug his family on the outside of prison,” OJ’s lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, told ABC News.

“He wants to eat seafood. He wants to eat steak,” he continued.  

“He wants to enjoy the very simple pleasures that he hasn't enjoyed in nine years...and he wants to do that in Florida.”

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