Nina Dobrev on Her Older Brother: His Friends \
Nina Dobrev on Her Older Brother: His Friends “Wanted to Date Me”
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Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev on Her Older Brother: His Friends “Wanted to Date Me”


On The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert is the over-protective big sister, but — in real life — Nina Dobrev’s the one who has an older sibling to look out for her. Her brother, Alexander, is five years older, which meant they didn’t hang out all that much growing up. Now, however, the two are much closer. The TVD actress chatted sibling relationships at the South By Southwest premiere of her new film, The Final Girls. Here’s what she had to tell Cosmopolitan about her big brother.

"Now we're more equal," Nina said of the five-year age difference that separates herself and her brother, and prevented them from hanging out more as kids. She elaborated: "When we were younger, I was always too young to hang out with him and his friends. And then as I got older, his friends had crushes on me and wanted to date me, and then he would get pissed off for that reason. So he always had a reason to not want to hang out with me."

Now, Nina takes every opportunity to hang out with her older bro. In fact, she flew him down from Canada to the SXSW premiere for his birthday. Previously, Alex has flown from the Dobrev siblings’ hometown of Toronto to spend time with Nina, who films TVD in Atlanta. The two spent 2013’s Super Bowl together. Nina shared a photo of herself and Alex, captioning it: “Me and the bigger Dobrev (but I'm still #1 :P - inside JK) sibling bonding.” Yep, such a sibling thing to say.

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