Scandal’s Dan Bucatinsky Wants Olivia to End Up With Fitz — Why? (VIDEO)

Dan Bucatinsky has won numerous awards for his amazingness as James Novak on Scandal. But sadly, his character is dead now, and we don't know what Cyrus Beene (or we) will do now that he's gone. Or what Dan will do, for that matter.

The multi-talented producer/actor/writer has been involved in the magical world of Shonda Rhimes for quite some time, even writing a Grey's Anatomy episode and producing several more. If we have anything to say about it, he should step into the writers room at Scandal and give us the ending we want.

But what's the ending that Dan wants? Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant to end up together. In a new video interview with Huffington Post Live, Dan talks about the Fitz-Liv will they/won't they drama, and even compares them to Friends duo Ross and Rachel! While we won't go that far, since we're pretty sure the Friends roomies never murdered anyone for sport or politics, we do love that he thinks that way...

It's no surprise that James would be Team Fitz, considering Jake Ballard killed him, but what would Dan think if James was never shot by Capt. Jake, or never existed at all? Check out the video clip to see what he says.

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