This is just how it goes sometimes — you go to the Olympics looking for glory as a freestyle skier, but gain notoriety as a friend of puppies. This is, essentially, Gus Kenworthy's story.

In case you haven't been following this adorable story, Gus, a super-cute American skier, has been winning hearts of dog lovers all over the world with his efforts to save the stray dogs of Sochi, Russia, where the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are being held. Stray dogs are pretty common in Sochi, and authorities allegedly hired a pest control company to cull Sochi’s strays (i.e., kill them) in advance of the Games.

But it looks like at least a few dogs have a home to go to, if Gus has his way! He fell in love with a litter of puppies, and posted a series of heart-melting photos of himself playing with them. He's working on bringing the puppies and their mom back to the States with him, and has already lined up kennels and vet appointments. What a sweetheart!

Of course, a pretty face, a heart of gold, and incredible athletic ability aren't all that Gus has going for him. (We know, right?) Read on for 5 things to know about Olympic athlete and puppy savior Gus Kenworthy.

He Likes to Draw — and He's Actually Pretty Good. Gus posted these little sketches to his Twitter account in October 2012, and we can only imagine he's gotten even better since then.

He's Not Afraid of Cupping. While it's praised by Jennifer Aniston, Chris Martin, and other Olympic athletes alike, cupping, an acupuncture-like practice involving suction from glass cups, can look pretty crazy to those who don't know what they're seeing. Gus, though, is 100% pro-cupping. He posted a photo of himself getting the procedure to Twitter, with the caption, "I like cupping! ...In addition to bowling and spooning! Mugging not so much."

You're too silly, Gus! Never change.

He Wears Kitten Mittens on the Slopes. We really hope that "Smitten with my Kitten Mittens" is an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference, but it's adorable either way! Gus took to Twitter to show off the underside of his Nike mittens… and the lucky cats on the other side. Cute!

He's a Hockey and Basketball Fan. When he's not showing off his own athletic talents, Gus likes to hit the stands as a sports fan himself! Hailing from Telluride, Colorado, Gus favors Colorado teams.

“Stoked to watch the [Denver Nuggets] crush the Spurs tonight," Gus posted with a photo of himself with fellow Olympic hottie Bobby Brown from November 2013.

"Great 1st period at the [Colorado Avalanche Hockey] game! Stoked to watch them win this," Gus posted not even a month earlier, in October.

He Loves Puns — and Other Goofy Stuff. As you might have gathered from the earlier quotes, Gus is a pretty big fan of the controversial wordplay practice of punning. For example, that time he posted a picture of his glorious, glorious butt with the caption, "Goodbye for now New Zealand, I hate to leave you 'behind' but hopefully I'll see you again soon!"

It's not just about puns — Gus has a super-goofy sense of humor in general! Gus's vine is full of pranks, fake-outs, and other wacky exploits. These are some of our favorites.

Is Gus your new Olympic super-crush? Let us know your thoughts below!

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