OMG — Katie Yeager Just Got a Giant Stomach Tattoo! (PHOTO)
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Katie Yeager

OMG — Katie Yeager Just Got a Giant Stomach Tattoo! (PHOTO)

You guys, welcome to the best day of your life: The day Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager followed in Amber Portwood's illustrious footsteps and got a giant stomach tattoo. #Blessed. We've been waiting for another MTV star to ink their stomach ever since Amber gifted us with a full-sized portrait of her daughter Leah's face all upon her belly, and it looks like our prayers have been answered.

OMG — Katie Yeager Just Got a Giant Stomach Tattoo! (PHOTO)
Credit: Katie Yeager on Twitter    

With that in mind, please shield your eyes and behold Katie's epic stomach tattoo, which features a little girl spray-painting a giant splattering of rainbow colors all over her belly button. We'll give you a few moments to let this image sink in...

Katie seems pretty thrilled about her new batch of body art, though it was definitely painful! "Get a tattoo across your belly button, they said. It'll be fun, they said," she tweeted.

We can't even imagine! It looks like Katie's gotten a fair amount of heat for her newest tattoo, and even had to take the image down from Instagram because she was getting too much negative feedback. Sure, girlfriend's experiments in stomach portraiture are somewhat unusual, and no, it's not quite as amazing as Amber's ink (IS ANYTHING?!), but we're thinking this work of art is pretty great. In fact, we've never seen a more cheerful tat!

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