Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OMG Moments From the Season 4, Episode 2
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OMG Moments From the Season 4, Episode 2

We didn’t think things could get any crazier on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but once again the ladies proved that they can take drama to a whole new level. When Season 4 premiered last week, we were overwhelmed with catfights and OMG moments — and we were excited to see that spill over into Episode 2.

From bee murders to fake fainting, here are our picks for the Top 5 most ridiculous moments from the Season 4, Episode 2!

5. Carlton drops the F-bomb... a lot

We finally got to see new housewife Carlton Gebbia in her natural habitat this week: her fabulous gothic-inspired mansion. Not only did we get to see her sweet digs, but we also got introduced to her kids — you know, the ones with the crazy names that Carlton will flip out if you make fun of? Carlton wasn’t shy to tell us some of her parenting secrets, most notably the fact that she openly curses around her kids. We can’t even count the number of times we heard bleeps during this segment. Geez!

4. Kyle asks Carlton if she practices witchcraft

The next craziest moment happened when Carlton had the girls over and they ventured out to her backyard. We got to see her witches’ balls (aka chrome crystal balls) that decorated her garden, which then prompted Kyle Richards to ask her new gal pal about witchcraft. Needless to say, Carlton wasn’t pleased and thought Kyle was trying to sensationalize her faith. The wicca-practicing housewife then proceeded to inform viewers that she no longer practices dark magic, only light. But we have a feeling that if Kyle crosses her again, Carlton will put a hex on the veteran housewife.

3. Lisa faints while Kyle and Kim eat candy

The pivotal moment of the episode was when Kyle and big sis Kim Richards gathered in Kyle’s home theater to watch frenemy Lisa Vanderpump compete on Dancing With the Stars. Everything was going fine until Lisa decided to faint during the rehearsal footage. The Richards sisters were forced to stop munching on candy and take notice, immediately deeming the faint as an excuse for Lisa to leave DWTS. If you’re hoping for Lisa and Kyle to patch up their friendship, don’t bet on it after them poking fun at Lisa’s “health scare.”

2. Kingsley attacks his dog trainer

We were introduced to the new man in Kim’s life last week: her pit bull Kingsley. Not only is this rambunctious fellow a ball of energy, but he’s totally out of control! When Lisa brought in a dog trainer to whip Kingsley into shape, the little guy didn’t take too kindly to it and almost attacked the trainer. But even more shocking was that the trainer, in efforts to protect himself, almost kicked Kim’s canine companion. We hope Kingsley can wrangle himself in the future, because we love that little guy.

1. Bee murderers!

The most shocking moment of the night was when some of the ladies were having brunch in Kyle’s backyard. After Carlton and Joyce Giraud told the stories of how they met their hubbies, things went from zero to nuclear in about five seconds. A bee decided to attack the ladies and Queen Kyle ordered its execution. This really ticked off Carlton, who worships the Earth and all, and she decided to voice her concern to the world, claiming that they were in the bee’s natural habitat and had no right to kill him. Kyle may have snorted it off, but Carlton is still fuming.

What was your favorite OMG moment from this week’s episode? Hit the comments and let us know!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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