Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OMG Moments From Season 4, Episode 10 — Brandi Walks Out!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OMG Moments From Season 4, Episode 10 — Brandi Walks Out!

Talk about out of control! We love how many crazy moments The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills manages to pack into one episode, whether it's Kim Richards misinterpreting how to treat her dog, or Lisa Vanderpump saying she wants to strangle Ken. Here are our picks for the top five most ridiculous moments from Season 4, Episode 10: "Catfight on the Catwalk."

5. Carlton's painful tattoo

Would we want to get the tattoo that Carlton just got? Definitely not, since it appears to be exceedingly painful. Still, it's sweet that Carlton got her kids' names written on her neck. Unconventional, but sweet.

4. Brandi and Joyce avoid each other at the fashion show

We love seeing Kyle's fashion show, since it's great that Kyle is helping the Children's Hospital, not to mention that it's cute seeing Kyle's daughters practicing on the runway. Still, it's quite stressful that Brandi and Joyce opted to just ignore each other.

3. Yolanda tells Brandi to change

One of the most interesting developments this week is seeing Yolanda implore Brandi to change her ways, despite the fact that Yolanda and Brandi are close friends. Whether Brandi will listen to Yolanda's suggestion is another question.

2. Lisa meets with Joyce

Lisa and Joyce definitely appear to be on the path toward patching things up, as we see them talking things out at Lisa's place. Then again, we can't tell if the focus is on repairing their friendship or on learning vocabulary.

1. Brandi bails on the SUR party

The craziest moment of the night is watching Brandi storm out on the SUR dinner, per Yolanda's suggestion. Was it impolite or mature? We're still not quite sure. What we are sure of is that Joyce and Brandi should not be invited to the same dinner parties together anytime soon.