Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OMG Moments From Season 4, Episode 18 — Lisa Leaves!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OMG Moments From Season 4, Episode 18 — Lisa Leaves!

Talk about out of control! We love how many crazy moments The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills manages to pack into one episode, whether it's a fully clothed dip into a fountain, or an explanation on why to save receipts. Here are our picks for the top five most ridiculous moments from Season 4, Episode 18: "The Kids Are All Right."

5. Brandi buys her dad a car!

Brandi Glanville and her dad continue to make progress, all thanks to Yolanda Foster. And we agree with Brandi that it was quite clever to give him the new car at Yolanda's house, where he would feel funny about rejecting it. That said, if Brandi ever wanted to give us a new car, she should know we would gladly accept.

4. Carlton supports Lisa. Huh?

Feuds on this show always have a way of creating unlikely allies. That was the case this week, as a teary-eyed Lisa Vanderpump and Carlton Gebbia who had never been particularly close bond over their mutual ire toward Kyle Richards and the rest of the ladies. Carlton even refers to the ladies as bloodthirsty sharks. Yikes. Uh, aren't Carlton and Brandi supposed to be besties?

3. Lisa and Ken (begrudgingly) head to the party

We've never seen two people less excited to attend a party than Lisa and Ken are as they head to the 100th anniversary shindig for Beverly Hills. Ken certainly doesn't have nice things to say about the ladies, as he points out that they are no longer his friends, so let's hope things don't get too intense at the party next week.

2. Yolanda and Kim's daughters are college-bound

It was very sweet to watch Kim Richards and Yolanda each wish their daughters well as they respectively head off to college. And by the way, we've never in our entire lives seen a college student have a nicer place than the one Gigi has. Any chance we can move in there with you, G?

1. Lisa bails on the group vacay

We can't say we blame Lisa for ditching the group in Puerto Rico, since trying to explain why she and Ken were leaving would have just been awkward. But to the ladies' credit, they all vowed not to talk about Lisa behind her back for the rest of the trip. That was certainly admirable, even if it might have been too little, too late.