Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OMG Moments From Season 4 Reunion Part 3 — Lisa Apologizes Twice!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OMG Moments From Season 4 Reunion Part 3 — Lisa Apologizes Twice!

Talk about out of control! We love how many crazy moments The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills manages to pack into one episode, whether it's Lisa Vanderpump discussing if size matters, or Brandi Glanville breaking down in tears. Here are our picks for the top five most ridiculous moments from the Season 4 Reunion Part 3.

5. Ken apologizes to Yolanda and Kim

Ken still clearly is upset with Yolanda and Kim for various reasons. But the fact that he's willing to apologize to both of them shows what a good guy he really is.

4. Carlton and Kyle go at it. Again.

We thought we had heard the last of their drama, but apparently, we hadn't. The two go at it again, with Kyle referring to Carlton as "witchy fking poo," while Carlton calls Kyle "trash." So much for making progress.

3. Lisa apologizes to Kyle for her tabloid joke

Lisa and Kyle spend a lot of time discussing their issues, with Kyle calling Lisa out for not letting things go and for bringing up the tabloid rumors in front of Portia. We're completely impressed that Lisa then apologizes for what she said in front of Portia. Can Kyle and Lisa patch things up someday? Let's hope so.

2. Ken changes his mind about Brandi

Ken is fairly firm at first about never wanting to reconcile with Brandi. But when Brandi weeps after he says he'll never speak to her again, he admirably clarifies that he would consider repairing things with her. And then he gives her a hug. Sometimes, Ken makes us upset, but in this case, he's a total class act.

1. Lisa says she should have told Brandi about Scheana attending the party

Brandi had some surprising things to say about Lisa, including the fact that they would have hour-long conversations about their cast members. Brandi also makes it clear that she's hurt that Lisa invited Scheana Marie to her party, so Lisa apologizes for not having given Brandi a heads-up. Well done, Lisa!