Lea Michele’s “On My Way” Music Video — Behind the Scenes
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Lea Michele

Lea Michele’s “On My Way” Music Video — Behind the Scenes

We were stunned (in a good way) when Lea Michele (Rachel) released her playful if slightly raunchy music video for song “On My Way” last month. The video show’s Lea clad in as little clothing as possible paling around with friends and a hunky fella in the California desert. Lea has said that after her “Cannonball” video she wanted “On My Way” to feel more fun and free, and we think she totally accomplished her goal.

The shoot for “On My Way” was of course fun as well, but also not without some pretty unique (and slightly terrifying!) obstacles. A behind-the-scenes video was recently posted to Lea’s Vevo page and little did we know the 27-year-old had to contend with snakes during the all-day shoot. Yikes!

“There’s rattlesnakes around here,” Lea says with a nervous smile. “They said we should stomp to scare them away.” Lea’s putting on a brave face for the cameras, but it’s clear she’s not too fond of her slithering friends. “I was not warned about rattlesnakes,” she says.

Still, even some unwanted guest couldn’t spoil Lea’s joyful mood. “I’m so excited; I love this song,” she tells the cameras. “It is so fun and happy and I had this idea that we should come out to the desert and jump in some swimming pools and have fun...I couldn’t be happier.”

To hear more of Lea’s thoughts on the video shoot, check out the full behind-the-scenes clip below!

06.3.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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