Is The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Tonight, February 2, 2014?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Is The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Tonight, February 2, 2014?

We tune into The Real Housewives of Atlanta every week without fail (it’s a lifestyle, people!) but even we have to admit that last week’s installment was unlike anything we’d ever seen before. The majority of the January 26 episode was business as usual for our gals, but things got really tense once NeNe Leakes gathered all of her co-stars (plus Natalie and Christopher Williams and a few other stragglers) for a Pillow Talk party in a hotel suite.

Kenya Moore arrived late, and from the moment she walked in, it was clear Christopher had an ax to grind with her. Christopher didn’t appreciate that Kenya called his relationship with Natalie a “common law marriage” (even though she may have been right after all) and when he began talking about it, Kenya got up from her seat. Brandon stepped in to protect Kenya, and before long Apollo Nida was beating him up.

The fight isn’t even over yet (and we kinda can’t wait to see how it ends) but unfortunately we won’t get to see the conclusion of this epic brawl tonight. We don’t work for Bravo, but we’re betting the network decided not to air a new episode of RHoA tonight because of a little thing called the Super Bowl.

The Housewives may be on a break tonight, but they’re back next Sunday, February 9, with the conclusion to this tense showdown. The episode is appropriately titled, “Peaches Divided” and the official synopsis is below:

NeNe's fun couples night turned melee continues with Apollo showering his wrath on Kenya's friend, Brandon and Kandi pouncing on Christopher Williams and his wife Natalie for her "hustler" allegations against Todd. Then, things quickly turn from bad to worse when Cynthia and Peter become embroiled in the situation causing Kandi to lash out in a shocking display. In the light of the next day, everyone tries to make sense of the drama with each person remembering a slightly different account of what actually happened. When Kandi arranges for all of the women to get together at a spa to smooth over their differences, NeNe's anger towards Kenya explodes leaving the future of their friendship in jeopardy.

Ugh, do we really have to wait a whole extra week to catch this gem? Not cool, Bravo!

Are you bummed that there isn’t a new episode of RHoA on tonight? Weigh in below!