Once Upon A Time: Five Subplots We Want To See Addressed in Season 2
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon A Time: Five Subplots We Want To See Addressed in Season 2

We’re willing to give Once Upon A Time co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis a little leeway in expanding the world and ensemble of their show, but there are quite a few loose ends flying around at this point. We know that the show will most likely address our questions surrounding the Charmings/Regina/Rumple triumvirate, but with only four episodes left, these are the five subplots we want to see mentioned again before the season is out.

How Are Aurora/Mulan/Philip?

The neglect of this particular storyline is probably our greatest qualm. Aurora and Mulan were an integral part of the beginning of Season 2. The show got us interested in their characters — in the Odd Couple dynamic between Mulan and Aurora and the potential complication of their mutual love for hunky Philip — and then snatched these characters rudely away. Have Mulan and Aurora found a way to bring back Philip’s soul from the clutches of the wraith? Will that tie in with the end of the season? And has Aurora driven Mulan crazy yet (or have they fallen in love)? Adam Horowitz says these three are “not forgotten,” but we’ll believe when we see it.

What’s Anton Up To?

Um ... Is Anton the Giant still kicking around Storybrooke? Last time we saw him, he had joined the seven dwarves to help with the magic bean-growing, so we assume he's overseeing that process, but who knows? How is he doing? Has he had any human-smooshing impulses lately or is he firmly on Team Storybrooke? If this apparent Henry-napping is anything to go by, we know the magic beans will be coming into play again in the remaining episodes. All we want is a check-in to know how “Tiny” is doing.

Is Sneezy Still Mr. Clark?

Rumple’s pretty upset that Belle still doesn’t have her memory back (and understandably so), but no one seems to be bothered that Sneezy lost his Enchanted Forest memories way back in Season 2, Episode 2: “We Are Both.” Unfortunately for him, the dwarves (and town) seem more concerned with harvesting magic beans then looking for a way to get back Sneezy’s memories. Until then, he is just a confused Tom Clark, Storybrooke pharmacist. We can’t help but think the show missed an opportunity here. They could have either a) used Mr. Clark’s confusion as comic relief or b) had him side with the villainous Greg and Tamara. Oh well. Maybe now that Belle is in a similar memory-losing predicament and Rumple is no longer distracted by finding Neal, there will be a collective cure.

Is Smee Still a Rat?

Speaking of minor characters who’ve gotten the short end of the stick, remember Smee? Rumple turned him into a rat in Season 2, Episode 11: “The Outsider.” As anyone who knows their Peter Pan can tell you, Smee and Hook are best buds (or at least share a boss and oafish subordinate dynamic). Now that the crew is headed to Neverland and presumably Hook will play a more integral part in the rest of the season, it seems fitting that the question of Smee’s fate be addressed. Is he still a rat? And, if so, does anyone besides Rumple know?

What Happened to Greg’s Dad?

This question has to come up, right? Season 2, Episode 17: “Welcome to Storybrooke” saw the introduction of a young Owen (aka Greg) and his father, Kurt. Regina captured Kurt in an effort to keep Owen with her in Storybrooke, but the kid managed to escape. Unfortunately, his father wasn’t so lucky. What the heck did Regina do with him? Could Kurt be in the same mental institution Regina had Belle hidden away in? Will Greg/we discover the truth before the season’s end? We hope so.

Which storylines do you want to see addressed? Let us know in the comments below!

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