Hook Dies in the ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5 Winter Finale — Will He Return?
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Once Upon a Time

Hook Dies in the ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5 Winter Finale — Will He Return?


Our eyeliner was definitely running during last night’s winter finale of Once Upon a Time Season 5.

At the end of the epic hour putting a close on the Camelot storyline, we had to sit back and watch Captain Hook die. This being OUAT, however, there’s reason to believe this isn’t the end of our favorite swashbuckler.

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Let’s start out with how the sadness happened. Emma Swan — who has been the Dark One all season long — set out to stifle the darkness once and for all by absorbing it all and driving herself through with Excalibur. Boom, everything saved.

At least that was the plan. What ended up happening was Hook stealing Excalibur from Emma, absorbing the darkness himself, and forcing Emma to kill him with it.

Worse yet, Rumple had concocted the perfect plan that led to him getting all the darkness transferred to himself, becoming a hella powerful Dark One.

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Also of note, he’s back in Belle’s good graces so all you Rumbelle shippers must be thrilled (for now).

While it was a pretty emotional evening, we’re not getting our hopes up that Hook is gone for good. After all, barely anyone stays dead on this show and, since we’re going to the Underworld in the back half of Season 5, we suspect Hook will be showing up again.

Once Upon a Time Season 5 returns Sunday, March 5, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.