Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney Photo: Alice and The Knave in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1, Episode 4: “The Serpent”

Sad news, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland fans: this epic take on Alice in Wonderland is over. The season one finale, which is now also the series finale, will air next week on Thursday, April 3, 2014.

We can't say this news is a surprise. The show, which was originally meant to fill in the gap left by Once Upon a Time's long winter hiatus, struggled in the Thursday 8 p.m. timeslot since day one. ABC president Paul Lee has even expressed regret over switching up their airing strategy, admitting that Wonderland may have fared better if it had aired on Sundays as originally planned.

Does this mean next Thursday is the last we'll see of Alice and her gang? Maybe not. Apparently Paul Lee has suggested OUAT and Wonderland showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis will "weave storylines across their assets," which suggests there's at least a chance we could see some of these characters again on OUAT proper.

Plus, a source told TVLine that just because Wonderland is over doesn't mean the idea of a different OUAT spin-off in another realm is completely off the table for good, though there aren't any in the works right now.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly, TVLine