‘Once Upon a Time’ Showrunners Tease Season 7 Reboot With Huge Spoilers
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Once Upon a Time

‘Once Upon a Time’ Showrunners Tease Season 7 Reboot With Huge Spoilers


After months of speculation, Once Upon a Time fans finally have an inkling of how the Season 7 soft reboot will go down.

We’ll see some new faces along with familiars actors (and characters) in new roles.

Catch all the spoilery details inside!


The cast of ABC’s Once Upon a Time threw viewers for a loop when six long-running actors took leave of the show after Season 6.


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Panicked fans were reassured this was all part of the plan — the showrunners had a few surprises up their puffy sleeves…


It was revealed that the execs had planned a soft reboot that would reimagine the characters we’ve come to know and love.


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This, of course, left Oncers dying to find out how their fave characters would be repurposed.


Well, thanks to a bombshell dropped at Disney’s D3 convention, we now know who will be taking on the role of Cinderella: Dania Ramirez.


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Yup. A character very familiar to Oncers will have a new face when Season 7 premieres— but remember, this is a brand new telling of these characters' stories.

In this version, Cinderella is in a relationship with a grown-up Henry (Andrew J. West).


Other confirmed spoilers include the new Seattle-suburb location of Hyperion Heights and some possible visits by the exiting cast.

When asked if OUAT would bring Emma Swan actress Jennifer Morrison back in future seasons, executive producer Edward Kitsis revealed his hopes for her return.

“I would be disappointed if we didn’t,” per Entertainment Weekly.


once upon a time emma swan

Executive producer Adam Horowitz was quick to add, “That means yes.”


Whether she returns on an infrequent basis or not, Edward promised us Emma and Hook are still meant for each other.


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“I think that Emma is absolutely Hook’s soulmate that we saw, so the Hook we all know and love, how could he look elsewhere? There is no Tinder in Storybrooke, people.”



The showrunners teased a big focus on Hook, promising shocking twists and exciting flashbacks diving into the fan favorite’s journey.


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Though, the execs refused to confirm or deny the existence of a little Hook/Swan baby.

“We can’t say whether or not they have a child, but we can tell you we answer to that question in the beginning of the season,” Edward said.


Naturally, some fans are already confused by the reimagining of some of their favorite characters.

Edward explained, “Henry’s the author of the first book, but he wants to go to the place where the happy ending isn’t written.”


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“New books could have different versions of some stories and ways of looking at them that maybe we’ve seen before, maybe some new characters as well.”

OUAT returns this fall on ABC.