Once Upon a Time

Archie Hopper

Storybrooke character: Archie Hopper
Fairytale Land character: Jiminy Cricket
Fairytale origin based on: Pinocchio

Jiminy Cricket was born a human. His parents were traveling performers and (mostly) con artists. He always rebelled against his parents' unscrupulous ways. He turned to Rumplestiltskin for help escaping them, but after a series of unfortunate events he accidently ended up turning a young Geppetto's parents into puppets — the fate meant for his parents. He wished to undo the mistake, but although the Blue Fairy heeded his call, she couldn't reverse the spell. However, she could help him escape his parents. He asked to be turned into a cricket, and became Geppetto's lifelong friend, acting as his conscious.

In Storybrooke Archie is the town therapist, and spends a lot of time working with Henry (Jared Gilmore). He's a good man, but easily cowed.

Status: Alive
Relatives: Martin (father), Myrna (mother)
Enemies: Regina Mills

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