We adore Once Upon a Time here at Wetpaint Entertainment, but we've also made no secret of the fact that we found Season 2 a bit of a letdown.

That said, part of the problem was that we had extremely high expectations after the the last third of Season 1, which kicked things into high gear, and then ended with an explosive finale that left us wondering what would happen next all summer.

Season 2, despite all of its flaws, had some advantages over Season 1. Cora was an incredible Big Bad (while she lasted), some of the side characters were more fleshed out (lookin' at you, Whale), and we really loved the Rumple/Nealfire/Emma/Henry stuff. When Season 2 was good, it really delivered ("Manhattan" is one of our favorite episodes to date). Plus, it didn't have that endless "Snow framed for murder" plot that bogged down the middle of Season 1.

So, we want to know: Which Once Upon a Time season do you prefer? Were you enchanted by Season 1 and disillusioned on Season 2, or do you think the series has gotten bigger and better as it's gone on?

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Rebecca Martin is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @BeccaDMartin.