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Looking for a way to deal with those hangover blues? Well, Once Upon a Time’s Michael Raymond James (Neal Cassady) has the perfect coping strategy. Here’s what the OUAT star apparently does when dealing with a tough hangover.

“Have you ever been so hung over, you curl up in a ball and listen to Christmas Carols to keep from crying? Because that's what I'm doing,” Michael tweeted yesterday. Sounds like a rough night. Perhaps he was out for another drink with Colin O’Donogue (Captain Hook )? Or maybe he was continuing his bromance with Josh Dallas (Charming)?

Michael seems to make friends wherever he goes, a trait that hopefully translates to his on-screen alter ego. Neal washed up on the shores of The Enchanted Forest in the OUAT Season 2 finale, and was found by Aurora, Mulan, and Philip — a stranger in a strange land (or, more accurately, a land he grew up in, but hasn’t visited for a century or so).

Maybe his new friends can show him around the new and not-so-improved Enchanted Forest. We’re thinking a stop at the tavern could easily be written into an ep (after all, Michael is now a series regular), and Michael can introduce his hangover “cure” to the world of OUAT.