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It’s no secret that the cast of Once Upon a Time is top-notch. Though we may associate them with the fantasy adventure show now, we knew many of our OUAT faves from previous roles. Here is a list of some of our favorite actors’ former characters — before the fairy tale started!

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David Anders in Alias

There may be a reason we never have complete confidence in Dr. Whale’s moral compass, and that reason is one Julian Sark. Before David Anders was bringing people kind of back from the dead inOUAT, he played a British baddie on the spy drama Alias. David was perfect as the smooth super spy with “flexible loyalties” and a never-ending supply of witty retorts. A part of us will always think of David as Sark. (Sorry, Whale...)

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Ginnifer Goodwin in Ed

Were we the only ones who watched Ed, NBC’s adorable show about the bowling alley lawyer in the early naughts? Not only did the show star Modern Family’s Julie Bowen and an adorkable Justin Long, but it also featured our very own Snow White in a supporting role as snarky bookworm Diane Snyder. Fun fact: Ginnifer and Justin Long were reunited as love interests in He’s Just Not That Into You.

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Meghan Ory in Higher Ground

We’re going to miss Meghan as OUAT’s resident werewolf and Henry’s go-to babysitter, Ruby. But if the pain ever gets too much, we can always re-watch Higher Ground, the Canadian-American teen drama that saw 17-year-old Meghan in one of her first starring roles. The show told the story of Mount Horizon High School, a school for troubled teens located in the mountains of the Northwest, and Meghan played Juliette, a girl who struggled with bulimia and self-mutilation. Highlighting young actors like Star Wars’ Hayden Christensen and Firefly’s Jewel Staite, Higher Ground was awesome and is well-worth a watch. Check out Meghan fighting with classmate Shelby (played by A.J. Cook) in this clip!

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Jennifer Morrison in Grind

Ever wonder what Emma did in those years before Storybrooke (besides stealing cars and falling in love with Neal)? Well, we like to pretend she was a amaetuer skater, trying to make it in the big time, as chronicled by the 2003 skater film Grind. In it, Jennifer plays Jamie, a “super cute” skater chick who runs into the four main skater dudes, including one played by a younger Adam Brody. It must have gone well because, ten years later, Jennifer and Adam are co-starring again in the summer indie flick, Some Girls.

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Emilie de Ravin in Roswell

Aussie beauty Emilie de Ravin plays bookworm adventurer Belle in OUAT, but she’s no stranger to American television. Even before she was the pregnant castaway, Claire, on Lost, she played the part of alien/human hybrid Tess on the supernatural teen romance drama Roswell (a role she landed a month after the 18-year-old moved to L.A.). Though she may not have been the most likeable character, Emile still wowed us with her American accent and cutthroat vulnerability. Plus, she co-starred with Revenge’s Nick Wechsler and Girls’ Shiri Appleby! Check out her audition for the role!

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Josh Dallas in Doctor Who

We may know him as the dashing Prince Charming on OUAT, but did you spot Josh as an egg-shaped node in the Doctor Who ep, “Silence in the Library”? Yeah, we didn’t, either. (It is not a flattering look for the guy.) Josh’s egg-shaped face was seen next to Catherine Tate, who was most recently seen on The Office, above. Warning: you may never be able to look at Charming the same way again.

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Robert Carlyle in Hamish MacBeth

Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin) has had a long and illustrious career. This includes a two-year stint in the '90s on a Scottish comedy-drama called Hamish MacBeth. (OK, we admit we had to do a little Google research for this one.) Loosely based on a series of mystery novels, the show followed a small town police officer on the Scottish coast. Check out the credit sequence for the show, which — in addition to Robert — features a lobster (we kid you not), and some sort of bison maybe? Trust us: it’s worth 43 seconds of your life. Plus, look at his pup!

Do you remember the OUAT cast for other roles? Let us know in the comments below!

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