Even though television actors spend their days (and sometimes nights) working on their shows, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t still obsessed with TV after hours. Though you rarely see someone from a reality show raving about their competition, scripted actors are a different story, and Once Upon a Time’s Jennifer Morrison is obsessed with one show!

On May 27, the actress tweeted:

We couldn’t agree more! The talent this season on The Voice is incredible, and the format of the show is exciting and unpredictable. We wonder who she’s voting for. After all, the finale is just around the corner.

Though the show doesn’t bring in celebrity mentors who don’t sing, we bet that Jennifer could pop in the audience. Perhaps she can just pretend she’s on an NBC show instead of an ABC one...

Are you surprised that Jennifer is “obsessed” with The Voice? Do you agree with her? Sound off below!

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