Throughout Once Upon a Time’s two seasons, there have been plenty of memorable episodes, but for star Josh Dallas (Prince Charming), one will always stick out in his mind.

He’s said it before, but Josh’s favorite will always be Season 1, Episode 3: “Snow Falls,” which he dished on Twitter during a Q&A session on June 2. There are many reasons for that — likely because the ep was Charming-centric — but he revealed that one particular scene stuck with him the most.

When a fan asked his “favorite Snowing [Snow and Charming] moment,” he replied, “Season 1 EP 3 where Snow tries on the ring. Amazing scene!” Aww. That always makes us tear up. Such a sweet moment.

As for his favorite Season 2 scene, though? For Josh, it was his big speech. “Loved the speech [Prince Charming] gave to the town scene. We are both!” he wrote, remembering the infamous line. Another favorite was a bit more violent. “Also the sword fight where Charming took out 8 guards,” he dished. That was pretty epic, we have to admit.

Do you agree with Josh’s favorite scenes, or do you prefer others? Tell us below!