Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC Photo: Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 15: Prince Charming

As much as we hate to admit it, there are TV shows and movies that make us break down and cry. Whether they’re happy or sad tears, we get emotional, and sometimes it’s difficult to control our feelings. Surprisingly, we’re not alone — actors feel the same way, too.

While some celebs’ picks are typical, like Titanic or My Girl, Once Upon a Time’s Josh Dallas has an interesting pick. During a Twitter Q&A, he revealed that a popular movie that isn’t notorious for making people cry caused him to tear up on a plane: The Hunger Games!

After a fan asked if he likes The Hunger Games, he replied, “I have a confession... I watched the first movie on a plane... And cried a little... Just a little! #CharmAttack #AskJosh.” Oh, Josh. Would Charming cry over Katniss’s journey? Maybe. He is kind of a softie, in the most endearing way.

Considering that Josh starred in Thor and has fought battles on OUAT, though, it still surprises us that he would get teary over the film, but we won’t judge him for it!

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