Jamie Chung (Mulan) is kicking off summer with a little R&R.

The Once Upon a Time actress took to Twitter yesterday (June 4), letting the world know what she does in her downtime. "Laziest day ever. Drive, eat, shop, eat, maybe yoga... #koreanfood #yum," Jamie tweeted along with a photo of some delicious-looking grub. Sounds like the perfect day to us!  

While this stunning actress might be having a mental health day, she is still one busy lady. Jamie will play a character named Channing on J.J. Abrams’s NBC pilot Believe, where she is a protector for a special little girl. On top of that, she told Wetpaint Entertainment that she will "always make time to play Mulan."

It's possible Jamie's chill days of spicy food and yoga are few and far between, but doesn't her "lady day" look relaxing? Weigh in in the comments!

Credit: Jamie Chung's Twitter Photo: Jamie Chung's Dinner