Credit: Jamie Chung's Instagram Photo: Jamie Chung Boxing

If Once Upon a Time star Jamie Chung (Mulan) does yoga during her "lazy days" then what kind of intense workouts is she doing during her "on" days? Funny you should ask!

"Put 'em up! Training with the one and only @MFboxing @hellomysti My new goal is getting that speed bag down...almost there," she posted on Instagram, along with the photo to the left. In the photo, Jamie is looking fierce in Nike shorts, a tank-top, sneakers, and big boxing gloves. We're not sure why she has a brace wrapped on her ankle, but hey, hopefully it's nothing a little yoga can't fix!

What do you think of this Once Upon a Time chick's workout secret? Is it totally fitting for someone who plays the warrior Mulan, or are you surprised at her intense exercising?

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