We love Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan on Once Upon a Time, but it’s nice to see her expand her horizons during the show’s hiatus. The erstwhile savior has a few movies coming out this year, and she’s also hard at work on The List with Patrick Fugit and Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan.

While on set, she’s been snapping lots of photos (and sharing some of her co-star’s), and this one may be the cutest yet. Altered with a classy and sophisticated black and white filter, the pic shows her and Patrick cuddling up on set, looking absolutely adorable.

She only captioned this, “Photo by @pfugit,” so nothing much to share there, but still. How cute are they? In the film, she plays Katherine Stern, who may or may not be Patrick’s lady love. The brief synopsis says that his character is a “young man who undertakes a list of self-improvements in order to win the girl of his dreams.”

So, is the “dream girl” her character or Karen’s? We’ll have to wait and see. Either way, we’re excited to see it!

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