Rumors have swirled about Once Upon a Time doing a musical episode since Season 1, and though a few actors have said they’d love to do it, it doesn’t seem in the cards yet.

With that being said, star Colin O’Donoghue is still rallying for one! When asked about the prospect of partaking in one during a Twitter Q&A for Once Upon a Time UK, he said, "Could be fun. I’d like to see @robertcarlyle_ singing.”

We agree! Rumplestiltskin doesn’t often burst into song, but we can imagine it being glorious when he does. Maybe if Rumple reunites with Belle, he can sing to her while they dance around a ballroom like in Beauty and the Beast. Can you imagine that? So romantic. It’s too bad that Robert said it would be “weird” and he wouldn’t do it.

Since Colin wrote and sang in Irish band The Enemies for many years, it would be the perfect fit. He could serenade everyone aboard the Jolly Roger or maybe distract the Lost Ones with a song while everyone tries to save Henry. Maybe we’re taking it a bit too far, but it certainly is plausible for him to sing, at least a little bit.

Here’s to hoping that Season 3 brings a musical episode to us! Would you love to see the cast sing? Sound off below!