It’s hard to imagine Jennifer Morrison as anyone but Once Upon a Time’s Emma Swan, but the actress had a long and successful career before the hit fairy tale drama.

Though most die-hard fans probably know everything about Jen, we’ve rounded up some fun facts that the average OUAT viewer may not know. Check ‘em out below, and then hit the comments with your favorite trivia tidbit!

1. She was a child model! We all know Jen is gorgeous, but did you know her career started in the early ‘90s? She modeled and was featured in commercials for JCPenney, Rice Krispies, and many others, and in May 1992 she was even featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated For Kids “dunking” a ball with Michael Jordan! Check it out below:

2. She was a reality star... kind of. Out of all Jennifer’s BFFs, we were most surprised to find out she's pals with Ashlee Simpson. During the singer/actress-turned-reality-star’s show, The Ashlee Simpson Show, Jen made a few appearances. Check her out playing a prank on Ryan Cabrera below!

3. She didn’t stick to one clique in high school. Jennifer is not a one-trick pony. In high school, she played clarinet in marching and symphonic bands, was a cheerleader, and sang in the choir. Maybe she’ll use that last talent for a future musical episode of Once?

4. She was a producer on Glee! Speaking of musical shows, Jennifer was one of the producers that found Glee and brought it to showrunner Ryan Murphy. Though she didn’t stay involved creatively, she is credited as an associate producer on Season 1 for her “involvement in finding it and helping it get into the right hands.” When she told this to fans on Twitter, she also revealed she’s working on pitches for projects of her own! So exciting.

5. She’s worked with Adam Brody three times. For all you fans of The O.C., get excited. Jennifer co-starred with the artist formerly known as Seth Cohen in 2003’s Grind (as a skateboarder, no less), 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and this year’s Some Girl(s). See pics from each below!

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