It seems like we still have an eternity until Once Upon a Time Season 3 premieres this fall, but thankfully, the writers are already hard at work writing episodes for the fairy tale drama’s third season.

Though the co-creators usually keep intel under lock and key, co-creator Adam Horowitz tweeted a script teaser today that revealed... a few words from an outline. Hey, we take what we can get here!

From what we can make out, we see the words, “cry, it’s, hold on, because, to do, and some.” It looks like “to do some” would mean “to do something,” but we’re not sure who is holding on and who is crying. Could they be rescuing Henry?

Since this is just an outline of Season 3, Episode 2, a lot can change before the script is finalized and the scene is shot, but we will speculate until the cows come home. (Or, in OUAT’s case, until the savior comes home.)

“My desk. Hard at work on #OnceUponaTime season 3,” Adam captioned the pic. As long as he’s hard at work writing, we’ll be hard at work waiting, wishing, and wondering what’s next.

What do you think this script spoiler means? Who is crying? Leave your speculation below!