On Once Upon a Time, Snow White and Prince Charming have been through a lot together, but one place they haven’t been is a cemetery. However, portrayers Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas (who are also an adorable off-screen couple) like to hang out in them — and do one thing you wouldn’t expect.

A few days ago, Ginny tweeted a picture of them picnicking with fellow actor Zoe Lister-Jones and her beau Daryl Wein at Cinespia Cemetery! According to her caption, they were watching a Terrence Malick marathon there with a bottle of wine and good food — sounds like the perfect night to us!

She wrote, “A Terrence Malick Sick-nic with @ZoeListerJones & D-Bobby & @JoshDallas in the @Cinespia Cemetery” with the above photo, in which Josh is grinning, she’s smiling just as widely, and the others aren’t looking as excited. But then again, they don’t play Disney characters and likely aren’t as animated in real life. (We kid, we kid!)

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