We know that Once Upon a Time’s Ginnifer Goodwin grew up to be a gorgeous woman, and we’ve even seen adorable childhood pics of her before, but her latest throwback Instagram photo really takes the cake.

Fittingly, she posted this one for her sister’s birthday, in which they’re goofing off and being absolutely precious together. We don’t know much about her sis, Melissa, except that she’s younger than Ginny and is a stop-motion animator! (You may have seen her work on Robot Chicken.)

Though we could pick Ginnifer out of a lineup at any age, we did a double-take for a minute. It helps that Melissa’s hair appears to be blonde (or at least a lighter shade) and the gal on the right appears older, but they do look very similar. We’d love to see more photos of them all grown up, but understandably, they may not both want to be in the spotlight all the time!

What do you think of Ginnifer’s baby photo? Did you recognize her, or do you think she looks a lot different? She does have much shorter hair now, after all! Tell us below.