We still don’t have a premiere date for Once Upon a Time Season 3, but we do have some disheartening news about who won’t be in Storybrooke when we return.

Credit: STILL

In July, TVLine revealed that a role is being recast for the upcoming season, and no — it’s not The Mad Hatter (Sebastian Stan). Sadly, another hot guy will be leaving us, though the silver lining is that another potential hottie could replace him.

“Sources tell me that Robin Hood will resurface in Season 3, but will be played by a different, yet-to-be-cast actor, seeing as Tom Ellis (Merlin) isn’t available for a recurring run,” TVLine’s Michael Ausiello dished. Same problem, different actor — did they really learn nothing from casting busy actors?

We were a little worried at first, but since Robin Hood’s role wasn’t enormous in Season 2, we trust the Once Upon a Time Powers That Be have found the perfect replacement in British actor Sean Maguire

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