Once Upon a Time started production on Season 3 yesterday, July 11, in Vancouver, and we couldn’t be more excited. Now that Giancarlo Esposito (Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror) is officially returning for an arc this year, we’ve started wondering about who else will be coming back — especially David Anders (Dr. Whale).

When we last left David’s character, he appeared to actually be Dr. Frankenstein, but then he disappeared. Just as we were getting a taste for his backstory, he booked a big role on USA Network’s Necessary Roughness alongside John Stamos and high-tailed it out of Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest.

However, the actor recently revealed that the season just wrapped, which means he may have some free time. On July 8, he tweeted:

Considering that production on OUAT started three days after, is this coincidence or a sign? It seems like it would be the perfect time for him to slip back into his white coat and help out in Storybrooke. While we have a feeling Belle will become mayor, if Whale plays his cards right, maybe he could get in the running. A little less evil, a little more political, and perhaps it could happen.

Do you think David will return to OUAT? Sound off below!