One of the biggest complaints about Once Upon a Time Season 2 was that Season 1 favorites were relegated to the back seat in favor of new characters. There are already rumors and spoilers about new characters coming to Season 3. Does the show risk making the same mistake again?

Recently, the showrunner Adam Horowitz  weighed in on this very question.

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Adam Horowitz told TVLine that while "there will be some new characters ... for the most part we're going to be focusing on our core group of regulars from Seasons 1 and 2. If characters do come in, it will, at least at first, be more akin to how we used Robin Hood in Season 2."

If you recall, Robin Hood was a one-off character in Season 2; he only showed up during the flashback portion of a single episode, and those flashbacks were still primarily about Rumple and Belle. Assuming Adam and co. stick to this plan, this means we won't be getting more new characters sweeping in with full backstory episodes and long arcs, like Aurora, Mulan, Hook, and the science baddies from Season 2.

Of course, Adam did say "at least at first," so don't be shocked to see a new character's role grow if he or she is popular, or if the writers fall in love with one of their creations.

Still, with the cast already so large, we're excited about the prospect of getting to know more about the characters we already know.

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Source: TVLine

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