Credit: ABC

Once Upon a Time Season 3 filming is underway in Vancouver, and three familiar faces are definitely returning in the first few episodes: Aurora, Mulan, and Prince Phillip.

This is no surprise considering we saw them in the Season 2 finale as they discovered Nealfire, on the edge of death, in the Enchanted Forest. Given that the rest of the cast (for the most part) is headed to Neverland, it seems that there is no time jump, meaning we’ll see the trio working together to save Neal.

So, how did we confirm that they’re all returning? An amazing Instagram photo, posted by Prince Phillip himself — erm, we mean portrayer Julian Morris. Yesterday morning, he posted the below pic of Sarah Bolger (Aurora) and Jamie Chung (Mulan), writing, “With these gorgeous two @sarahbolger @jamiejchung.” Both girls re-grammed it, with Sarah adding, “missed these guys!! #OUAT Xx” and Jamie writing, “delicious dinner with delightful friends.” Aww!

While we don’t know what they’ll be doing together for sure, we hope that OUAT addresses the clear chemistry between Aurora and Mulan this year. Co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis revealed at ATX Festival that they are “absolutely open” to a gay romance, and we gave them a few ideas recently, too. Don’t believe us about Sleeping Warrior? Check out some GIFs and Jamie weighing in on their “special kind of love” to Wetpaint Entertainment.

Do you think Mulan and Aurora will be together, or is it Aurora and Phillip forever? Sound off below.