Credit: Kharen Hill / ABC Photo: Jared Gilmore as Henry Mills on Once Upon a Time

Another deleted scene from Once Upon a Time's second season has found its way online from the Season 2 DVD.

In the clip, David Nolan (Josh Dallas) is camped out with Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore) in Emma's house. Heartbreakingly, he calls Emma's answering machine — just to hear her voice on the recording greeting.

Henry comes around and assures him that he'll get his people back, bolstering his confidence with tales of his fairytale alter-ego.

"You're a prince," he tells David. "You sword-fought with a baby."

"I fought with a baby?" David says, laughably.

"You know, holding the baby."

Henry even starts the Davey's day right with a toaster pastry. What a wingman he is!

Source: YouTube

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