With Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) threatening to turn Storybrooke into the “New Neverland,” the race is on for our favorite gang of heroes and baddies to save everyone. Once Upon a Time definitely turned up the heat for its midseason finale, Season 3, Episode 11: "Going Home,” and we finally saw the end to Pan’s reign of terror — though the threat of a new Big Bad is looming in the distance.

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As tonight’s episode began, Pan and Felix wasted no time recasting the curse at the well while Rumple told the gang that the spell could be stopped if Regina (Lana Parrilla) destroys the scroll. Within the first few minutes, Pan gathered all the ingredients he needed to start the spell — including the heart of the person he loved most — Felix. Meanwhile, the heroes are going to look for The Black Fairy’s wand, which was hidden at Mother Superior/The Blue Fairy’s (Keegan Connor Tracy) residence.

Over in Fairytale Land, Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) were dealing with the realization that they had to send their bundle of joy to another land to save her from the curse, which led to an adorable moment between Snow and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) back in Storybrooke.

Back at the church, Pan’s shadow wreaked havoc on Tinker Bell (Rose McIver), Charming, Hook (Colin O'Donoghue), and Neal (Michael Raymond-James). After a big boost of confidence from the fellas, Tink used the last bit of fairy dust to fly up and trap Pan’s shadow. After doing so, she tossed the coconut into the fire and destroyed the shadow fiend, once and for all. As a side effect of destroying Pan’s shadow, The Blue Fairy was revived when her shadow was freed, leading to her making up with Tink. Fairy Power!

And just when we thought we were done with Neverland, we were treated with a steamy scene between Hook and Tink, with her putting a knife at his throat and him worried about his rum.

When the actual Henry rejoined his family and friends, he handed over the scroll only to have Regina collapse after getting her hands back on it. Over at Mr. Gold’s shop, the actual Pan attacked Rumple and put the no-magic cuff on him, leaving him broken and powerless. Things weren’t looking good for our favorite baddies.

As Pan began to threaten all of our favorite characters, Rumple swooped in to save the day. He said an epic farewell to Neal and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and revealed that the only way to stop Pan once and for all was for both of them to die. He summoned his shadow and the mystical dagger and stabbed himself and his father before disappearing. After Pan’s pause wore off on the heroes, Belle collapsed to the ground crying and we began to weep shipper tears. Neal seemed to be proud of Rumple while everyone made us angry by not rushing to Belle’s side.

Before everyone could get sad over Rumple’s demise, Regina delivered the terrible truth about how they can escape the curse. Regina revealed that she would have to give up Henry, the thing she loves the most, leaving him and Emma in the real world while everyone else returns to the Enchanted Forest, undoing what all has been done. After arguing with Snow and Regina over this terrible realization, she agreed to leave with Henry. This was too much for us to deal with.

After a heartbreaking scene of when Emma gave birth to Henry, everyone gathered at the Storybrooke city line to bid the mom and son a farewell. We were gifted with an extremely touching moment between Henry and Regina and Emma told Neal and Hook goodbye. And just in case we weren’t already crying, Regina revealed yet another aspect of breaking the curse to Emma: all the memories of Storybrooke will be gone forever.

Flash-forward one year to New York City as Emma and Henry enjoy a lovely breakfast. Hook has arrived at Emma’s door and tells her that her family is in trouble. After trying to bring back all her memories with a random kiss, Emma slams the door in his face.

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Once Upon a Time returns with all-new episodes on Sunday, March 9, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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