We're not loving the long wait for the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 3, which returns with new episodes in March. But it sounds like our patience will pay off, as a beloved character will be returning, despite having died last season. Because on a show like this, being dead is just a minor setback, right?

We haven't seen Cora since Season 2, Episode 16: "The Miller's Daughter," when Mary Margaret used Gold's candle to poison Cora's heart. Regina then placed the heart back into her mom's body, not knowing what Mary Margaret had done. And that was the end of Cora — or so we thought.

Now, Cora will be returning later this season — in a manner of speaking — as Rose McGowan will be reprising her role as young Cora in flashbacks. This will happen in Season 3, Episode 18. 

We're curious to see how Cora will be used in the upcoming episode. Last time she was on the show, young Cora was seen smooching Rumple, so we're wondering if we'll get more glimpses at those two. 

Are you excited for the return of Cora? Or is there another previously deceased character that you'd rather see return to the show — like Graham, perhaps?

Source: Entertainment Weekly