Quit monkeying around! On this week’s Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 12 (“New York City Serenade”), Snow is now fighting monsters for two, a new villain appears to be green with envy of Regina, and Emma learns that the guy she’s dating is a real animal.

The Least Enthusiastic Response to a Proposal Ever

At the start of the episode, we see that Regina, Snow, Charming, and the rest of the gang are all in Fairytale Land, where they meet up with Aurora and Phillip. Aurora claims that Regina’s castle is still intact, and yet we see that Aurora and Phillip are hiding something. Communication is key, people! And are we ever going to learn why Phillip is alive, or will that forever be a mystery?

Back in NYC, Emma is dating a ridiculously boring mild-mannered furniture store owner named Walsh, who shocks her by proposing. Also shocking her is Hook, who shows up again and gives Emma an address that she needs to visit. Let’s just say that we don’t envy any guy who’s trying to propose to someone on the same day that a guy as dreamy as Hook is in town.

Gotta Love That Meet-Cute Between Regina and Robin

Emma reluctantly decides to check out Hook’s mysterious address — picking locks really comes in handy, doesn’t it? — and she’s suddenly in Neal’s pad. Emma sees the dreamcatcher and Henry’s camera, which contains photos of Storybrooke. Emma is freaked out about this, but she should probably be more freaked out by how messy Neal’s place is.

Emma uses handcuffs on Hook — yes, we’re assuming Hook is turned on by Emma putting him in cuffs — and gets him arrested for assault. But when he gets out of jail, she agrees to drink his magical elixir, which brings back all her forgotten memories. That was easy! Then again, is there ever a problem on this show that a magical elixir won’t fix?  

In Fairytale Land, Snow finds Regina in the process of burying her heart, but Snow convinces her to hang onto it. Then, the two are attacked by something that we all deal with on a regular basis: A flying monkey. (Wait, you don’t see those regularly? Uh-oh.) The ladies are saved by none other than Robin Hood, whom Regina immediately bickers with. Ah, they’ve already had their first lovers’ quarrel!

Oh, Baby

Hook shows up at Emma’s place and tells her that he cares about her too much not to help her. So she decides to tell Walsh that she isn’t bananas about him — and lo and behold, he turns into something that actually eatsbananas: Yes, he’s a flying monkey, too. Emma’s like, “Take your stinkin' paws off me, you damn, dirty furniture salesman.” And then she hits him with a pipe, which is actually what we have fantasized about doing to some of ourexes at times.

Finally, Hook takes Emma to visit her parents in Storybrooke, and they have no memory of the past year. However, they’ve managed to make good use of their downtime, as Snow is preggers! Get ready to defrost a few lasagnas for a baby shower, Granny.

Meanwhile, over in Fairytale Land, Regina realizes that someone has messed with her castle’s protection spell. And we soon learn who is probably responsible for this, as we get our first glimpse at the Wicked Witch. The green gal thanks her monkey pal for obtaining some of Regina’s blood. Come to think of it, couldn’t we all use a helper monkey to do our dirty work for us?

Three Biggest Mysteries of the Night:

— We love getting to meet the Wicked Witch this week! And yes, we’re doing our best to not break out into an impromptu performance of “Defying Gravity.” But what is she doing with Regina’s blood, and what’s their history? Given that Aurora and Phillip seem to be hiding something about the Wicked Witch, we wonder if they may have struck a deal with her to bring Phil back to life.

— We’re thrilled about Snow’s royal bun in the oven, but we’re also concerned that the Wicked Witch had something to do with that as well. So did the Witch bring everyone back to Storybrooke?  And did Neal make it back with them?

— It's great seeing everyone get reunited — but the one person who sadly isn’t able to join the party yet is Gold. So will he survive, or will he and his pops continue to get more than enough one-on-one time together?