On Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 20, “Kansas” we'll finally get to meet Dorothy and see how she fits into Zelena's backstory. If you can't wait until Sunday to learn more about this new take on a classic character, this sneak peek is just the thing for you!

This clips begins with Zelena (no green skin, which is interesting, timeline wise) and Glinda picking through the ruins of what is clearly Dorothy's farmhouse. They realize someone's trapped and help rescue an adorable young girl.

"What world are you from?" Zelena asks, looking suspicious. Does she know something?

"What world? You mean this isn't Kansas?" Dorothy replies, clearly totally confused.

Glinda kindly explains that no, this is certainly not Kansas, and then asks for Dorothy's name. When she replies "Dorothy Gale," Zelena shoots her yet another look that seems to indicate she has some idea of who Dorothy is.

Are we reading into things? Maybe. But it's also possible Zelena has heard some sort of prophecy that would make her wary of a young girl from another world...

Check out the sneak peek below, and then share your theories about OUAT's take on this classic story in the comments below.

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