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On Once Upon a Time Season 1 Emma (Jennifer Morrison) was always the badass get-things-done gal, and Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) was the meek, shy one. But in Episode 3: “Lady of the Lake,” Emma has to learn that things have changed now that Mary Margaret is Snow White, and they're in Fairytale Land.

In this sneak peek of the episode, Emma, Snow, and Mulan (Jamie Chung) are traveling together (so yes, Mulan must warm up to them to some degree), and decide to set up camp, but they're worried about ogres. Emma uses her street smarts to suggest they stay hidden by not lighting a fire, only to be smacked down by the Fairytale Land natives. It turns out ogres are blind — they hunt by sound alone. Whoops.

Check it out below.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 3 Spoiler: Ogres Hunt by [SPOILER] Alone (VIDEO)

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